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Referee Appointments for Matchday 36 of La Liga


The Spanish Football Federation has unveiled the referee appointments for matchday thirty-six of La Liga, scheduled to take place midweek between Tuesday, May 14th, and Thursday, May 16th. With the league title already decided, the battle for European spots and the relegation playoff berth remains intense. Additionally, the contest between FC Barcelona and Girona for the coveted second place, granting a ticket to the Supercopa de España, adds further intrigue.

In the match between Almería and Barcelona, Javier Alberola Rojas will officiate, with Santiago Jaime Latre overseeing VAR duties. Meanwhile, José Maria Sánchez Martínez, assisted by Carlos del Cerro Grande on VAR, will take charge of the clash between Girona and Villarreal. Mateo Busquets Ferrer is assigned to referee Real Madrid versus Alavés, with Guillermo Cuadra Fernández as the VAR official.

Here are the referee appointments for matchday 36 of La Liga:

  • Osasuna vs. Mallorca: Hernández Maeso (referee) and Jaime Latre (VAR)
  • Real Madrid vs. Alavés: Busquets Ferrer (referee) and Cuadra Fernández (VAR)
  • Girona vs. Villarreal: Sánchez Martínez (referee) and Del Cerro Grande (VAR)
  • Rayo Vallecano vs. Granada: Díaz de Mera Escuderos (referee) and Prieto Iglesias (VAR)
  • Sevilla vs. Cádiz: Ortiz Arias (referee) and Del Cerro Grande (VAR)
  • Getafe vs. Atlético de Madrid: Melero López (referee) and Munuera Montero (VAR)
  • Celta vs. Athletic Club: García Verdura (referee) and Pizarro Gómez (VAR)
  • Las Palmas vs. Betis: Iglesias Villanueva (referee) and De Burgos Bengoechea (VAR)
  • Almería vs. FC Barcelona: Alberola Rojas (referee) and Jaime Latre (VAR)
  • Real Sociedad vs. Valencia: Soto Grado (referee) and Figueroa Vázquez (VAR)

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