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Barça’s 3×3 Transfer Strategy: Xavi’s Desired Changes


As the club faces a challenging season without achieving its title objectives, FC Barcelona gears up for a busy summer. Despite economic constraints, the sporting management works tirelessly to return to the 1:1 rule, although it won’t be easy for Barça to get the green light from LaLiga.

In ‘La Posesión’ by SPORT, Lluís Miguelsanz, the newspaper’s deputy director, discusses the obstacles Barça may encounter and potential moves to meet Xavi’s needs: “The feeling is that it will be a very long summer and that reaching the 1:1 rule won’t be straightforward,” says Miguelsanz. “Barça wants to offload players who won’t get minutes, and if that’s not possible, ultimately, they’ll have to make lucrative sales of players who have been starters until now,” he asserts.

In response to this situation, David Bernabéu, a SPORT journalist and director of ‘La Posesión’, proposes an idea that Barça wouldn’t dismiss to generate funds: “An ambitious idea is to sell Araujo, Frenkie, and Raphinha, three players on the exit ramp who could be sold if there’s a good offer. There are only 4/5 untouchable players, and they aren’t among them,” he points out. With this plan, it raises the possibility that these departures could pave the way for Barça to sign three players Xavi dreams of for his new project: “In exchange for these departures, there could be arrivals of Nico Williams, Kimmich, and Bernardo Silva,” suggests David Bernabéu.

“Xavi would sign off on that,” says Miguelsanz, although he makes it clear that reaching such a scenario won’t be easy: “The player has to want to leave, secondly, the right offer has to come, and it will depend a lot on when that offer arrives.”

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