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Alexia’s Renewal Progress: Solidarity between Player and Club


The ongoing story between Alexia Putellas and FC Barcelona continues without interruption, as progress on the captain’s renewal with her lifelong club seems to be on the right track.

According to sources at SPORT, it appears that both player and club have reached a preliminary agreement to continue their association, pending the final details. Alexia, who has consistently expressed her desire to stay and has not entertained offers from elsewhere, along with Barcelona, have made compromises to find common ground and balance between sporting and economic aspects.

End to Uncertainty After months of uncertainty, during which the captain’s continuity was a priority issue for Barcelona’s sporting management, it seems that this chapter is drawing to a close. The relationship between both parties is currently excellent. Alexia, who has been in excellent form in recent matches, expressed her emotions during the Liga title celebration, marking her ninth title with the club and eighth in her individual record since joining in 2012 at the age of eighteen.

Addressing the fans at the Johan Cruyff Stadium, she stated: “One of the keys of this team is never taking anything for granted, no result, no victory, until the final whistle. And this is what is fueling this winning cycle, which I can assure you will continue for many years.”

Chasing Four Titles She took the opportunity to thank all club staff, the Board of Directors, Xavi Puig, in charge of the women’s team, President Laporta, the fans, and the coaching staff, with a special mention to Jonatan Giráldez, who is spending his final weeks in Barcelona.

And she delivered a message: “You know we have two finals left. We await you in Zaragoza, we await you in Bilbao. We’re going for all four titles and we’ll give everything to make history again. Visca Barça and Visca Catalunya.”

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