Luis de la Fuente Considers Gavi’s Visit to the National Team During Euro 2024 – Fc Barcelona News

Luis de la Fuente Considers Gavi’s Visit to the National Team During Euro 2024


Spanish national team coach Luis de la Fuente anticipates the possibility of FC Barcelona midfielder Gavi joining the team’s gathering during Euro 2024 to reconnect with his teammates and spend time with them. Gavi, a key figure for both Barcelona and Spain despite his youth, sustained a serious injury during a match against Georgia, sidelining him for most of the season. His absence will be keenly felt, not only for his technical prowess and physical prowess but also for the leadership he brings to his team.

In an interview with ‘El Desmarque,’ De la Fuente disclosed that he and his staff have “considered” the idea of Gavi’s presence at the continental tournament taking place this summer in Germany. He mentioned discussing the matter with Gavi and his representative, Iván de la Peña, emphasizing the importance of timing due to Gavi’s ongoing recovery process.

The only challenge to this plan is Gavi’s rehabilitation schedule, which must be carefully coordinated with any potential visit to the national team. De la Fuente expressed gratitude for Gavi’s willingness to visit but stressed the need to prioritize his recovery work. Therefore, any visit would be timed to ensure it doesn’t interfere with his rehabilitation.

De la Fuente concluded that Gavi’s visit during Euro 2024 could occur “when he deems it appropriate,” underscoring the understanding that this period is crucial for his complete recovery.

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