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Rafa Márquez Unveils Major Surprise: A Netflix Documentary


Last Monday, Rafa Márquez teased a message on social media announcing “a big surprise.” The coach of Barça Atlètic appeared visibly delighted, leaving his millions of followers (3.9 million on X’s platform alone) in suspense, with the revelation set to come 24 hours later. True to his word, Márquez revealed on Tuesday the “big surprise” he had in store—a highly anticipated television event.

Rafa Márquez: The Captain

The surprise comes in the form of a documentary announced by Netflix North America titled “Rafa Márquez: The Captain.” It promises to showcase Márquez’s journey, from his spectacular professional debut at Atlas FC to his nearly 100 matches as captain of the national team, his time at the iconic Barcelona era, his role as a coach, and the insights into his life on and off the field, as announced by the streaming platform itself.

Scheduled to premiere on Netflix on June 6th, this documentary is a must-watch for fans of the ‘Kaiser de Michoacán’ and football enthusiasts alike. After all, Rafa Márquez has played in 5 World Cups for the Mexican national team and has achieved everything with Barça.

Insights from Xavi, Ronaldinho, and Puyol

The promotional video released by Netflix showcases some of the documentary’s most compelling scenes. It begins by asserting that Márquez “broke the mold of the Mexican football paradigm.” By the age of 20, he was already playing in Europe, with AS Monaco.

Xavi makes an appearance in the series, stating, “He’s one of those who changes more on the inside than outside of the field.” The documentary also features Márquez’s wife, model Jaydy Michel.

The documentary does not shy away from addressing the most challenging chapter of Márquez’s life—the inclusion on a blacklist by the United States Department of the Treasury. “I will try to clarify all of this and be the Rafa Márquez that everyone knows,” the documentary captures from a press conference held during that difficult time.

“The football gave me everything” concludes the promotional video, capturing the essence of Márquez’s illustrious career.

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