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Life After Barça: Franck Kessié’s Journey Nine Months On


Franck Kessié’s departure from Barcelona last summer was scripted by financial constraints, marking a turning point in his career. Despite his adaptation to the city and the support of the fans, he bid farewell to pursue a lucrative opportunity in Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning football scene.

Adaptation and Nostalgia

Settling into Barcelona was a significant phase for Kessié, who forged strong bonds within the team and the community. Fluent in Spanish, he found camaraderie not only with French-speaking teammates but also with the likes of Gavi and Pedri. However, the financial imperative led to his move, with the allure of Saudi football offering a lucrative three-year deal.

Continued Affinity with Barcelona

Despite the departure, Kessié’s ties with Barcelona remain intact. His family opted to stay in the Catalan capital, underscoring his enduring connection to the city. While excelling in his new role as a pivotal figure at Al Ahli under coach Matthias Jaissle, Kessié maintains a close eye on Barcelona’s progress, nurturing hopes of a potential return to Europe in the future.

A Year of Milestones

Amidst his Arabian adventure, Kessié celebrated a significant milestone: winning the Africa Cup of Nations with Ivory Coast. The triumph, achieved on home soil, marked a pinnacle moment in his career, garnering praise from former teammates. Despite the distance, Kessié’s affinity for Barcelona remains unwavering, as he continues to follow the club’s journey, forever a devoted fan.

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